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My Association with HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi dates back to 1984. She met me like an ordinary Lady, with great charm & Poise. Known to many as Mother at that time, my eyes got fixed on to her big “Red Bindi” she had on her forehead. She would speak very clearly and had complete mastery on the subject of Yoga (Union) First time I understood that yoga did not necessarily mean exercising. It was born from the work ‘Yuj’ meaning union. Very nicely she told me that I had a power within me that had been hidden at the base of my spine inside my Sacrum Bone. It actually was sleeping there in 3 & half coils. She said it was my own mother Power that had been with me since my several past births. It was like a tape recorder, which had within it all the experiences of my past life and of this life as well. It knew me better than I thought I knew of myself. It was a living power called the Kundalini, and It came through my brain and settled down at the bottom of my spine after creating my Para-Sympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous systems. And within this path that it traversed downwards in its journey from the Fontanel bone area (on top of my head) of the brain to the Sacrum bone it left behind 6 energy centres or Plexuses ( in Medical science) also called Chakras in the Spiritual Sciences, which controlled the complex management of all our body organ’s proper functioning. Also that these energy centres, this Kundalini, and these Nervous System driven left & Rights Channels were all comprised of the 5 basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire(light), Air & Ether., She said that though this system cannot be seen with a naked eye, it can be felt on our Central nervous system as vibrations. These vibrations belong to us, as typical of each individual personality and the combination of the five elements in our Energy Centres & 2 Channels. I was really awestruck at this theory, but she was completely confident to take me further on with the conversation. She said, I could actually try and test out this theory, and check out my own vibrations. These could be felt as either cool or warm on my palms or on top of my head – as if coming out like a fountain breeze coming from inside my brain, just a few inches above my fontanel bone area. But however, she cautioned, that these vibrations can only be felt by a realised soul. This meant, I needed to first have a pure desire to connect with the real source of these vibrations first. What she meant to say was that my sleeping Kundalini Power needed to be awakened first, with the expression of my own pure desire to feel my own vibrations. According to her, once I made the earnest desire to feel this flow of vibrations, my Kundalinin Power would actually wake up from its sleep, travel the short distance upwards long my spinal cord through my Parasympathetic Nervous system, and emerge out through a very subtle opening inside my brain and flow out and above my Fontanel bone. This I could feel on my palms by keeping my hand a few inches above my head. She said it was so simple to go through this process, by expression of a mere pure desire, that if I did feel my own vibrations as a realised soul, my entire life could be transformed and become totally under my own control. I would become my own master. The process would be that once the Kundalini made itswas up and out of the fontenal bone area it would actually merge with the all pervading power or force of the Cosmos surrounding us. This force or power was that of our own creator or Master our God, who has been waiting for ages for us to connect to him. Imagine if I got connected to this almighty power, it would get access inside my Central Nervous system,. It would flow down the same path as that of the rising Kundalini, and en-route it would nourish my Energy Centres or Chakras, thereby changing the very balance of the 5 elements they are made of. Obviously, and kind of imbalances in these Chakras, that normally reflected my existing health status of the organs controlled therein, would get nourished by this power, as it would impart just the right corrective dose of the element required to bring it to balance. This also meant that if I managed to feel this power above my head and on my palms, as a cool breeze, it would be a clear indication that my health would automatically improve. That kind of control would actually come directly in my own hands. Wow, it would like becoming my own Master or Guru. I could get rid of all my ailments, whether bodily or mentally or spiritually. It was a kind of empowerment, she said, is the birthright of every human being, who seeks to know the truth about himself & God. I would call it, God manifesting inside you his powers. Imagine what life would become then. When she asked me, if I wished to try it? – I said “Of Course Mother! Why not? My life had been a big bundle of problems & miseries. It was a pleasant welcome process in my life. I got ready for it, as I could have it only in my freedom. It could not be forced onto me. This is what I simply loved about it. Later, when she made me feel this power flowing in my hands & above my head as a cool breeze, I went into thoughtless awareness, a state where you simply do not think. It felt like bliss. I went into meditation spontaneously. She said I had now become realised. Now I needed to watch how my life would get transformed and all my desires and wishes would be fulfilled. No more crying and no more worrying about anything. I really became in control of my life and it did change for the better. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her. She went around the world teaching this to every seeker of truth. Thousands came to her program and became Self realised. I accompanied her for 11 years. She gave me a lot of time. We would talk often bout several aspects of life and hoe it could be transformed. I watched myself over the years and felt my inner transformation amazing. She said it was nothing but LOVE. This power I felt was LOVE. All I needed ot do now was, to share it with the entire world. The first transformation I noticed in the early years was, when I started to write about this great knowledge in poetry & prose form. Later I gave music to my Poetry. Then even sang the songs thus created. She helped me with it. She told me these poems have the knowledge of this science. Whosoever would listen to them, would instantly begin to feel the cool vibration and get into meditation. Rather it would grant Self Realisation and enhance the experience of Meditation. Ever since, tirelessly, I have been writing on this subject and recording albums. This particular Album is about the Messenger of God – ie. HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi and how I experienced my various transformed moments. Listeners will be able to easily relate with me in each song. But they must honestly try to keep their attention on top of their head and open out their palms fully and feel the cool breeze..... Happy listening. Lots of love...... Sanjay “Roshan” Talwar