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H. H Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi’s nourishment was her love & compassion for me as her child. It was the birth of Musician in me during those heavenly years of contact with her. I was constantly nourished as a Poet, a Music composer & a Vocal Singer. My journey began in 1986, and till now I have contributed over 20 Audio Albums comprising of over 150 recorded songs, a Video Album titled “Maa Ka Aashirwad” in March 2003, & now ready to release the first Video song based on lyrics by Mother “Janam Se Jivan Paana” ( The first song of my latest 2015 release “Roohani Roshani 2”)

In the early years (1986’s onwards..) Music could only be recorded in Analogue format. Later in the late 90’s music began to get digitalised, till in early 2000’s I too switched over to the digital mode. The early recording quality of the Music Masters, unfortunately could not be saved in the original format of Analogue spools. I did attempt to saves much as I could afford to do so. Due to their popularity I continued to rerecord some of them in the ensuing years, releasing new versions in digital format after 2002.

The fact that H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Herself promoted my musical works to all her children worldwide, was an indication of how much she valued Music as one of the best mediums to attain Sahaja Meditation When it was first brought out in Cassette form in 1987, there was no kind of recorded music available to Sahaja Yogis. Shree Mataji would carry the recording Masters to UK & Germany and ask the Yogis there to make copies and bring them to Ganapatiphule in Maharashtra every December for sale. The sales were initially handled solely by me, while Shree Mataji took the complete account of it. She kept encouraging me to circulate the sale money and keep producing more and more albums year after year, giving me full charge to handle it all independently. There was a period from 1987 till 1998 ( 11 years) when I churned out 11 albums ( 1 each year) – All put to sale in Ganapatiphule.

In these years several Sahaja musicians were born, and so finally She told me to hand over all my works under an Artist- Producer contract to a Company specially formed by her to provide a platform for all budding new Sahaja Musicians & Artists, who could be encouraged to keep making music and spreading her message of Love & Self realisation to the entire world through their creative works.

On Dec 10th 2002, She spoke to me about taking forward initiatives to spread Sahaja yoga through my Music & Live performances,. She felt that it was now up to each one of us, whom She had nurtured and nourished over the years to take on the responsibility of Sahaja Yoga to the entire world through their daily life-activities, work and talent acquired out of Her Grace. She felt that Music was the tool that opens hearts and allows free flow of Love. Love that can be so powerful that compels the Ganas & the Angels to open floodgates of joy. The Miracles that we keep observing through this meditation, assure us that we are indeed in Her divine protection and can achieve unfathomable heights which are normally humanly impossible. This is what she termed as Ritambha Pragnya - How even the elements ( of which our chakras are made of) come together to create the right environment & atmosphere for a benevolent Sahaja work.

I can summarise by saying - It all happened through the birth of my own creativity within me. She showed it to me by permitting relevant poetry flow through my being and then working on these poems to create verses that can be set to musical compositions whose vibrations and subtle combinations have the power to give Self Realisation. She explained that all this was her love, and love alone mattered here. One must take care of one’s subtle ego that plays games, and till such time one allowed the thoughtless and doubtless states to be nourished with constant meditation, it would never interfere. She laughed and said that no one on Earth can ruin the work of God, and that I must always remember that I am merely a chosen instrument for the Lord to play his Music, and my only job is to see that I keep this instrument clean and respectable.

This website is my humble attempt to reach my music, both old and new to you. I need you to support me by buying it on-line. Through its sales, I am intending to bring forth before you those rare poems that Mother wrote herself, though all of them come from the times of my interactive moments of learning with her. The Newest Album is Roohani Roshani 2 (2015), now being launched & released through this website. I dedicat 30% of its sales proceed towards the building of the Sahasrara Dham at Nargol, Gujarat- Where Mother first opening the Sahasrara of the Universe on 05th May 1970. So please go ahead, and down load liberally.