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Music enchanted me since my childhood. My Mother was a classical vocalist, who used to keep me as a baby nicely clad in the same room while she did her Riaz (practice of music) daily. I grew up singing songs from popular Indian Movies. While in college I won awards at singing competitions. It was something natural in me. My life changed completely when I met an amazing lady H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She came to my home to meet my sister, whose hand in marriage was being considered for her elder brother’s son. I first met her in 1982. Her captivating personality attracted me to somehow spend more and more time with her. She too took interest in me, asking me to come and visit her in London, where she was residing, and learn about an amazing science of Sahaja Yoga. She promised to teach me how to meditate and find the truth about myself and the world round me. She told me that all my unanswered questions could be easily answered if I practiced this unique method of Meditation. I felt such good vibrations from her, that I was convinced that she had the powers to help me out of my queries, confusions and heartburns- just like we all have at that young age of 27. I was married with 2 kids, lived in a joint family – A double Chemistry Graduate & Chemical Technologist, just starting out in a new export business with my elder brother. If at all a transformation happened in my life, it came from the grace & personal support of H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( Mother). That day was 04th July 1984 - She guided me to my Self – Realization, given in her presence at London. I can say that a musician was hence born in me – one totally of Her creation. I saw that I was holding on to a lot of thoughts & assumptions about life and people around me, and was wearing some sort of a coloured lens over my inner eyes, that saw just what my inner conditioned mind was tuned to. The most wonderful thing she told me was, that ‘how can you see something from outside, when you are inside it? You need to come out of it and then see it’. It was my greatest eye opener. How true! I judged people and life itself, sitting inside my own whirlpool of thoughts. She awakened in me, a power, that brought me out of my cocoon, and I then began to notice things I had never done before. It was like being born once gain and discovering the real truth about life, more-so about myself. Call it Self Realisation. Wow, it felt like I just got a fresh eyesight- that of a new mindset and a whole lot of new experiences that I slowly gathered in her divine company. There was hardly a moment when I could keep my attention away from what I learnt from her. The beauty of it all was that when she would be with me, she would show me practically what a human being was capable of achieving. The extent of Powers he had access to. It was simply amazing. The Miracle of feeling transformed was happening right before me. I could see it so clearly. She encouraged me to write down whatever she spoke about, and miraculously, I had begun writing in prose. The knowledge she shared, flowed through me in form of poetry. As soon as i had written about a particular thought, she took pains to revisit the poem and offer correction, if any. There were times, when she herself broke into poetry, while I quickly jotted down. Wow! This process went on from 1986 till 2002 without a break – year after year. Each year she encouraged me to record these poems using my favourite songs by replacing the words, but soon to realise that I had myself begun composing to these poems. The music composer in me was born in 1988, when I was reciting a poem to her, and she interrupted me, saying – “No you just sing it now. Don’t just say it”. I was shocked at myself, when without battering an eyelid I started to sing the poetry in a Raga called Darbari – It is the Raga associated with our Sahasrara Chakra – the point where begins the process of our Self Realisation. It resides on the Fontenal bone area of our head. The Raga opens the passage above the fontenal bone area for our own individual energy called Kundalini to merge with the all pervading power of the Cosmic energy around us. Mother’s nourishment came from her love & compassion for me as her child. And here I was born a Musician in those heavenly years of contact with her. I was constantly nourished as a Poet, a Music composer & a Vocal Singer. My journey began in 1986, and till now I have contributed over 20 Audio Albums comprising of over 150 recorded songs. Watch out for all of my Musical works that I will be sharing with you here, including the one I am releasing now. I sincerely hope you will find the benefit of enjoying Blissful Meditative & Heavenly Vibrations while state listening to this album - A Dedication to the Goddess. Much love......... Sanjay "Roshan" Talwar