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02 Humein Maa Se Pyar.mp3


My very first song was " Hamein Ma se pyar Kitna". It was also the first time I ever sang in front of Shree Mataji in Dec 1986.
I drove Shree Mataji from Jaipur into the interior of Rajasthan, as She went looking for artifacts to put in Her house in Pratisthan at Pune. We were in a Fiat car commencing our journey from Jaipur at 6 am. Mother chose to sit in the front bucket seat of the car. This song was also written at the same time by Shree Mataji. Ironically, I was just a bathroom singer at that time, extremely shy to sing aloud. But when Mother requested me to sing a song to her, I told her that I could only sing songs of romance form the Indian films. She said, no problem, just go ahead and sing your most favourite song. So I started off with "Humein Tum Se pyar Kitna....." The moment I started to sing, she just began to change the words a bit, asking me to imagine the same love song being sung to the Goddess (to her). She said 'Check the vibrations when you do so" And sure enough we all 5 of us in the car felt very cool vibrations. She dictated the words, my wife who was in the back seat of the car jotted the words, repeated them to me and I sang the song with her words immediately thereafter to Shree Mataji. At that time She kept her hand behind my Vishuddhi and kept it pressed behind my neck throughout the car journey. We were travelling from Jaipur to Didwana, in the heart of Rajasthan.