Foreign Trip with Nirmal Sangeet Sarita
Milan Sightseeing with NSSAt a Cathedral in Milan Sightseeing with NSSAt a french Restaurant with NSSAt a Restaurant in Italy with Akbar & Mr & Mrs KhoslaOn Geneva Cruise with Parents & NSSOn A cruise ship at Geneva with my Parents & NSSWith the Sahaji Bus Drivers at Leningrad before boarding the CruiseLeningrad Cruise 1992Just crossed Russian border in Bus relieving ourselvesEnjoying erly morning bus ride waiting for breakfast NSS in bedGetting started with the Bus journey Doyens of NSSEarly Morning Meditating inside the BusNSS soundly sleeping as Bus rides along the Czech border to approach RussiaBus Journey from Milan to Moscow 1991Bus Journey Enroute Europe from Milan to RussiaTravelling in Bus wiht NSS through Europe from Milan to RussiaTravelling with NSS through Europe in route to Russia from MilanSinging Collective bhajans on streets of Prague, Czech Republic 2001Leningrad Airport 1991At Leningrad Official Government residence 1991 We all stayed with Shree MatajiAt St Petersberg Royal Government Residence where we stayed 1992All Member of nirmal Sangeet Sarita at MoscowAt Leningrad with Newly Married Russian Brides & GroomsWith Phil Ward & Family at Cabella Castle Camp, ItalyAt Cabella Camp 2004With my Indian Brothers at the Cabella School Daglio 2004Driving in ItalyAt Karlovy Vary Near Prague, Czech Republic 2003Public Program at Moscow, RussiaMoscow, RussiaCabella Hanger preparing for Guru PujaCabella Castle Shree Mataji ResidenceCabella Camping by the riversideAt Cabella 2006 PujaMoscow, RussiaSt Petersberg, RussiaSt Petersberg, RussiaLeningrad. RussiaLeningrad, RussiaMoscow, RussiaSt Petersberg Cruise, RussiaSt Petesberg Cruise, RussiaTogliatti Public Program 1991, RussiaTogliati Qawwali Rabbani Ban 1991Togliatti Public Program 1991, RussiaTogliatti Qawwali Rabbani Ban 1991 See the Kundalini lightTogliatti Collective, RussiaTogliatti Rabbani Ban qawwali 1991, RussiaAt St Petersberg after the cruiseAt Togliatti, with Russian CollectiveAradhana with a Russian yogi family St PertesbergAt Moscow with a Russian family for teaSt Petersberg Cruise, RussiaMoscow Musician, RussiaSt Pertersberg Cruise, RussiaWith Deepak Verma at Togliati, RussiaSt Petersberg CruiseTogliati Russia 1991Switzerland Puja near GenevaAt Cabella Castle ItalySt Petersberg CruisenoneUploading soon